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Isle de France is located in quaint Gustavia, St Barthelemy. It is a quiet place, and surrounded by a magnificent sea all around it. The hotel has a very rustic look to it, a perfect blend of modern and old-timer architecture, for instance, rich modern carpets and drapes, and a subtle, bright hue on all the movables. Th... (read more)

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St. Barthelemy
From $3,549 / night
Hotel Guanahani and Spa
In St. Barthelemy (Quartier Lorient)

The travelers with the interest in the coastal area as the ideal location for the perfect stay options may opt the staying options of Hotel Guanahani and Spa located the just a couple of minutes walk from the Grand Cul de Sac Beach. The elegant and spacious set of rooms offer as the preferred services offered by Hotel i... (read more)